Wine Lover Pun Notebooks

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You Had Me At Merlot
Rosé All Day
Chardonnay? More Like Chardon-Yay!
Everything Happens For A Riesling
  • GIFT FOR ALL — No matter the type of wine they like, everyone in your family will love these wine pun notebooks!

  • PERFECT FOR MEMORIES — Sometimes it can be hard to remember those fun wine nights, so now you have a place to record them! 

  • FRIEND FILLED — There is no better way to catch up with friends then to share some wine

  • ENDLESS WINE — With 100 lined pages, you never have to worry about running out of space to share your thoughts 

  • DURABLE DESIGN — Perfect size to bring along to wherever your wine night may be 

Does your ideal night involve a constant full glass of wine, some friends for company, and maybe a pint of ice cream? Are you a wine connoisseur on a budget? Do you constantly forget the name of that wine Sarah brought last week? This notebook is all you need! It is a great way to keep your wine notes, ideas, and revelations in one place. Some nights one glass turns to three that turns to eight, and before you know it the night is a blur. These notebooks are perfect to keep on your coffee table to record all of the funny sayings and great ideas at the time they happen. No more waking up and not being able to remember the best part of the night! No matter if you prefer red or white, Cabernet or Chardonnay, or if two glasses are enough to put you over the edge, this notebook is what you need. This notebooks is for those who are more surprised not to find a wine stain on the carpet in the morning and the enthusiastic and casual drinkers alike. With each new page comes a new fresh winism that any wine drinker is sure to relate to. Whether this purchase be for your best friend, co worker, wine group leader, or simply yourself, we are sure you will not be disappointed! Every empty bottle of wine has a great story filled inside of it. This journal is the new way to relive and remember all of those wine-tastic stories.

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