Wanderlust Quote Notebooks

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The Darkest Nights Shine The Brightest Stars
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
Let Your Dreams Set Sail
Peace Love Wanderlust
  • SMALL BUT STURDY  — 5.5"x 8.5" & heavy-duty covers & binding make this a durable companion 

  • ENTREPRENEURS MOTIVATION  — Great ideas start as sketches; ditch the napkin and start it in the journal 

  • PERSONAL GOALS — Between your thoughts and dreams you can map out your future

  • LIST IT ALL — Whether it be grocery lists or errands, you need this to stay organized

  • BORED? The graph paper allows for 100s of squares for small doodles or a whole page of coloring. 

These notebooks encourage a healthy amount of doodling, helping you release your creativity, and empower learning. Whatever it is that may inspire you, we have the perfect journal for you. With Peace, Wanderlust, Love you can escape to another century. Sailing to the moon and trusting your soulmate are all possible inside of these journals. Let your mind wander into a place where you can find yourself and your soul. Meet me where the sky touches the sea and can feed your lusting creativity. Encourage yourself and those around you to never give up on dreaming. If your dreaming of spontaneous trips of packing nothing but a change of clothes and a passport, then you need this journal to accompany you. Inside you can plan your trips, your dream places to travel, and your packing list so you do not forget the essentials. Please never forget — you've got this! Inspiration is everywhere you go, and now in your bag as well. Let your whimsy dance along the graphed pages, and take notes the way you want to! Don't let anyone spoil your dreams and push yourself to draw out of your comfort zone and explore. Every new page is a new adventure, it's time for you to write your story.

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