Upcycled ScrapBook Mousepad Notepad 3 Pack (6.75 x 8.25 inches)
Scrapbook Mousepad Notepad 3 Pack

Upcycled ScrapBook Mousepad Notepad 3 Pack (6.75 x 8.25 inches)

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Why let any bit of paper go to waste? The Scrapbook Line throws that theory right in the garbage with the upcycled, green and simple look. Buyers can look forward to an easy experience with no clutter and no worry about harming the environment with this wonderfully useful little desk companion, the ScrapBook Mousepad Notepad. There is a little piece of every Action Publishing creation in this mousepad to allow users thoughts to be more clear where they jot them on heavy duty sheets of paper. All made from 10% recovered fiber and post consumer fiber, certified by the sustainable forestry initiative, bleached with a chlorine that does not release any gas or carcinogens into the atmosphere, and it’s acid free. Also equipped with glued front and back edges to prevent pages from curling, as well as peel and stick adhesive on back to keep your pad in place.


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