Upcycled ScrapBook Landscape (12 x 6.75 inches)

Upcycled ScrapBook Landscape (12 x 6.75 inches)

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Our nice, lengthy landscape sketchbook really hones on the thriving artists looking to create their next best piece of work. The long 12.5x6.75-inch spiral bound sketchbook filled with 100 sheets of unlined 90 Ib. card stock paper is held together by Action Publishing Inc. specially made double wire that’s the toughest on the market. Users can not only feel good about using it in any direction they please, but they can also ponder over the fact this book caters to a healthy environment. The pages are sourced from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, this organization ensures the health of habitat, animals and water take priority. Another cool fact, we’ve taken a little bit of everything Action Publishing Inc. has created and composed a useful material that is recyclable.


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