Upcycled ScrapBook Combo Pack

Upcycled ScrapBook Combo Pack

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Part Number:1266-SNASBCOMBO

Cutting down paper to make books means you are left with a lot of scraps at the end of the day! The Scrapbook line is made of materials that would have been recycled. We took that material and Upcycled it into something useful, green, and simple. 100 unlined pages on 90 lb cardstock made from 10% recovered fiber, 10% post consumer fiber, SFI certified sourcing, ECF chlorine free and acid free. Hand-made in Colorado.  Upcycled because good planets are hard to come by. 

Contains 1 Landscape, 1 IdeaBook, 2 Memo Mouse Pads, and 2 CardBooks - Various Sizes of Side-Bound Notebook

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