The Barometer (History and how it works) : Asaf Bar-Yosef

Posted by Danielle Cox on 2/23/2016 to Tech Tuesday
The Barometer (History and how it works) : Asaf Bar-Yosef
The Barometer. It is an instrument that measures air pressure. But how does it work? Why was this technology invented? What does it help us do?
Though it seems like a little technology, it advanced how weather forecasters and scientists predicted extreme weather events. Despite the Barometer's incredible usefulness, inventing it was not easy. Asaf Bar-Yosef describes the series of scientists and events that contributed to the birth of the barometer -- and explains how it actually works in this Ted-Ed video. If you are planning to begin measuring units and climate change with your students this may be a great little history and tech lesson that you could implement in the classroom with a simple experiment.

Lesson by Asaf Bar-Yosef, animation by Reflective Films.

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