STEM Hero Annual Wall Calendar

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Are you an enthusiast for Stephen Hawking or Cynthia Breazel? Do you aspire to pursue or teach STEM subjects? If so, we have a calendar for you — perfect for classrooms full of students who are eager to learn more about the impacts of STEM.

Our STEM Superheroes Calendar spans from January 2020 through December 2020, showcasing some of the greatest scientists, engineers, technology gurus, and mathematicians of both past and present. With descriptive biographies and gorgeous, yet fun illustrations of iconic STEM heroes like Marie Curie, Katherine Johnson, and more; students will find their interest piqued by STEM learning and its impact.

In this calendar, you'll find 12 months of superheroes portraying some of the greatest innovators the world has ever seen — modernized in high-quality illustrations and pictured tackling seemingly impossible tasks. The cover features elated STEM heroes; teaming together ready to undertake impressive mathematical formulas and scientific inquiries.

Months feature superheroes like George Washington Carver, an agricultural scientist pictured unmistakably using his super-like ability of botany to advance farming and agriculture in ways that have reassessed our world’s crop industries.

These real-world superheroes prompt students of all ages to see first-hand how STEM education has completely transformed the world they live in today — encouraging young minds to see the value in their science and math courses and how its application can change the future.

This calendar provides an opportunity for your students to learn more about some of the heroes depicted each month. With QR codes linked to video resources, your students will be able to interact with your monthly calendar by learning about their favorite innovators.

Each month is filled with dates that highlight ingenious innovations and events that forever changed our world, keeping track of the days has never been this educational and fun!

  • INSPIRATIONAL STEM HEROES — Detailed descriptions highlight the accomplishments and innovations of your favorite scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians

  • STEM INTERACTION — All images are linked to QR codes where you can learn more about your favorite STEM superheroes

  • DETAILED IMAGES — Each STEM superhero is creatively depicted in high-quality, fun loving images

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES — Cartoon like-characters depict your favorite STEM superheroes tackling seemingly impossible tasks that children of all ages will love

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