Minimalist Blackout Notebook

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Let me guess — you’ve got a colorful wardrobe but you find yourself wearing the same black t-shirt and leggings 90% of the time?

Yes? I knew it. This notebook was made for people like you. No frills. No colors. Just you and the black abyss. Black cover, black edges, black binding — just like your cold, black heart. We did include a plastic front cover to keep your notebook safe from the rain. Because you probably love the rain, and we’re not gonna stop you from enjoying your sadness. The pages are made from our typical white Minimalist stock, with dotted-lines. Nothing fancy. Just a simple, minimalist look surrounded by the darkness. Don’t lay this notebook down in the dark because you may never find it again. This sleek design is sure to turn heads, in which case you can just hiss back at them. They won’t look again.

  • SIMPLE DESIGN — Streamlined minimalist design.

  • UNIQUE — Our first black-on-black notebook.

  • DURABLE — Clear poly front cover protects your book, and wire-o binding is sure to last, and lay flat.

  • MADE IN USA — Our products are designed and produced by people right here in the United States.

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