Horror Memo Mousepad (Single Count)

Horror Memo Mousepad (Single Count)

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Be afraid. Be very afraid.

No mad scientist's lab is complete without this useful little desk companion!

The Horror Memo Mousepad is composed of 32 alternating sheets with Grid, Line, Isometric and Dot patterns, so witches and warlocks alike can conveniently jot down a quick spell on their mousepad right away.

Each page is also adorned with bone-chilling art from our Action Horror Line, featuring images of tarot cards, skulls and infamous monsters from classic horror films.

Made with glued front and back edges to keep your pages in place, as well as peel-and-stick bottom adhesive strips to keep your mousepad from slithering around your desk.

The Horror Memo Mousepad makes a fantastic gift for necromancers in management, vampires in finance, demons in production, or creepy receptionists.

Available in singles or three-packs!  


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