Hard-Cover Sketchbook with Watercolor Design

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  • WATERCOLOR COVER — "Creativity takes Courage" is an inspiring cover quote to show off to all of your friends

  • HIGH QUALITY BINDING — Hardcover binding to protect all of your art from whatever you may encounter 

  • TOP-GRADE PAPER — Soft drawing paper perfect for any artistic material you may use. 

  • PERFORATED PAGES — No more ripping your artwork as you take it out

  • WIDE PAGES — Spacious size perfect for sketches, paintings, or notes on the go 

Are you looking for your perfect sketch book to practice your drawing, doodles, and painting masterpieces? Do you need a little more room than the other notebooks but still want to look stylish? This sketchbook is exactly what you need! With 8.5" by 11" pages, you will have plenty of room to fill every page with a new and creative piece. The wide open pages allow for you to work the way that is best for you. The sleek design and high quality paper motivate you to never stop practicing your skills. With perforated pages, there are no worries of damaging your work because of the extremely easy and stress-free removal. This way you can share all of your masterpieces with everyone around you. Whether you are giving your artwork as a gift, turning it in as an assignment, or hanging it up in your room — we know you will want a reliable book that will guarantee the best quality pages possible. The inspiring watercolor artwork displayed on the front and back covers will always keep your artistic spirits high. You'll never run out of room with the endless amount of pages to work on. This sketchbook is perfect for anyone on the go. Although it is larger in size, it can still easily be carried or fit into a backpack or purse comfortably. It's lightweight and durable design are what every artist needs to keep their artwork safe. As this sketchbook cover states, "Creativity takes courage,"so be courageous and purchase this amazing sketchbook before it sells out!

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