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We’re getting major Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea vibes with this new Field Journal 3-pack. This pack gives you all three options of a handcrafted butterfly, fish, and compass journal to choose from. Each journal includes more than 60 pages for your field experiences with a section to record location, date, weather, wind, and soil conditions, and extra notes. Every field input includes a graph and bullet journal section for drawing your surroundings or observations. This journal is perfect for all your science, entomology, and environmental research needs. Whether you’re a professional, college student, or enjoy it as a hobby this field journal has all of the essentials for your field research. With perfect binding your journal is going to withstand all your field experiment journeys.

EDUCATIONAL – This journal will ignite your desire to grow your knowledge about field studies and all things nature and focus your mind.

DURABLE – With strong covers, perfect binding, and thick paper, this field journal will hold together in all your nature journeys.

PERFECT SIZE – It’s 4.5 x 8.5 inches and light weight, which makes traveling with this journal easy as can be; just stick it in your pocket and go.

MADE IN THE USA – Our products are designed and produced by people right here in the United States.

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