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  • PORTABLE — Smaller than your heavy laptop and ready to hold every note you need

  • GRAPH PAPER — No need to pull out a ruler to draw your lines, pre-printed graph paper is there to help you out

  • GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING — Computer programmers, engineers, and geniuses alike will use these everyday 

  • GOOD LAUGH — With the punny covers, it is guaranteed to make developers laugh, beginner or advanced

  • CODERS FOREVER — When you realize you are matching, you will certainly want to match your notes inside as well 

Are you coming down from a 24 hour coding session but can't seem to find the one piece of note you need? Look no further than your handy notebook. Filled with 100 pages of lined graph paper, these punny coding notebooks are all you need to get you through the day. The simple covers will put your mind at ease as you open the notebook to see your organized (or not) notes. Do you need some excitement for your unenthusiastic professor who you have never seen smile in your life? Pull out your notebook for a slight laugh before your scribble down your notes for the day. If you want to show your friends you are more than just a coding genius, then these coding puns are all you need. With four different covers, you can pick the one most relevant to you. However, you know your notebooks fill fast with coding notes, so why not buy all four for a rotation of your favorite programming puns? We have all had those days where the thought of opening a notebook brings tears to our eyes. However, you can't cry because if your computer is wet, you truly will have to re-code your life. A great solution to those tears is a punny notebook with perfectly lined graph paper. No matter the occasion, these make the perfect gift. The holiday party at work? The IT Department will be on the floor laughing at these puns, and fighting over who can hold onto the new notebook. Buy one for your study buddy, professor, or the person who tried to copy your code for the entire semester. We can't guarantee these will eliminate all of your bugs — in code and real life — but they are for sure going to bring a laugh!

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