2022 - 2023 Color Your School Year

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This daily planner from Action Publishing is the best of work and play with features to help you succeed both academically and creatively. The weekly outlook design allows you to plan ahead and stay organized. With plenty of space to write down upcoming assignments and exams each day, you’ll never second-guess a due-date or forget about a project. With multiple lines designated to each day, stay in control of your schedule and keep your grades looking their best by better dividing your time between subjects. Additionally, each week includes a “Notes” section that allows you to jot down extracurriculars or chores that need to be completed while a “Goals” section helps you to keep the bigger picture in mind as you go about your day and week. But no matter how busy your week gets, never run out of space with our 55-week calendar that spans from June 2022 to July 2023. Have a full week that is stressing you out? Beautiful floral and geometric coloring page designs allow you to unwind as you shade in the shapes. Just grab your favorite art supplies and color the stress away with designs ranging from simple patterns to intricate mandalas. Not sure where to begin with the week’s coloring page? Refer to the motivational quote for the week to get inspired and get creative. And if you find yourself needing a space to brainstorm or doodle outside of the lines, there’s a page set aside for notes in the back. Spiral bound with high quality, laminated covers, this planner is durable enough to last you through the whole school year. It won’t take up much extra room in your backpack, but you’ll soon find yourself reaching for this multi-purpose planner to stay on track and stay inspired.

GET ORGANIZED - Plenty of space to plan your days in advance. Never forget important dates!
ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS - Tips on successful planning, setting goals, and how to reach them.
DE-STRESS AND GET CREATIVE - New coloring pages every week to help you to relax.
STAY MOTIVATED - Inspirational quotes will keep you excited for the week ahead.
SPECIAL FEATURES - Notes, Goals, and Inspirational Quotes to keep you motivated.

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